Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Fabric on Gesso

Teaching the Soulful Art Journal

The Soulful Art Journal

This is why I love teaching  the Soulful Art Journal classes! When a 16 yr. old girl I’ve just introduced to the mixed-media art journal, produced this wonderful piece, I have to admit, I kind of wished I’d done it myself. There is so much for the imagination to play with when we allow ourselves the freedom to explore different media and approach the process with an open and curious mind, when we allow ourselves to follow our hearts. Following our impulses let’s us discover what works and what we like. It gives us a push into the unknown. We discover that we do not need a map. We do not need to know what the end result will be. In fact, one of my teachers said to me, “What would be the fun in that?” The media has a way of telling us what to do.

Kids have an…

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  1. Carrol Hillis

    Kartika, I met you in Rae Bird’s class, and want to talk to you about collaging (maybe join your class, or consult with you regarding art mounting), but cannot find a phone no. for you in F’field phone book. Carrol H. 472-9596 Please call!

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