Exhausted by Art

Wrote this in 2009 when I started collaging! Can anyone relate?

I’m exhausted from trying to be artistic – in my art studio past the comfort zone of bedtime – an already challenged time when reading or television always compete to keep me from much needed rest, but my art teacher, guru of sorts – a creative director and wizard of artistic transcendence – directed me to set up a designated space in my house allocated to art only, where paints, paper, brushes, glitter, glue, markers, magazines, gesso, and all manner of artsy material are arranged in baskets on the table, strewn across the guest bed, poke from under the guest bed in plastic containers. I am now officially obligated to create that illusive product – art. Art – that category of mystic and mythic proportions that cannot be defined, and continues to be the subject of argument, awe, fear, and reverence. I am now on permanent assignment to be creative, in tune with the right hemisphere of my brain, and on alert to notice all opportunities to move spirit into matter. I, who cannot draw a straight line or anything that remotely resembles subject matter, am suddenly required to produce the true and the beautiful. I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of this spiritual assignment springing from the depths of my being and progressing under the guidance of my mentor.

More in the next blog…


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4 responses to “Exhausted by Art

  1. Dania Santiago

    Hi, i am an elementary art teacher, i had this mess of thoughts in my head for my upcoming summer program: canvas, wood, fabric, embellishments, beads, gesso, paper mache…??? (My director was like: what??) I had the ideas all scrambled up in there, but when I saw this page with your faces included into mixed media collages… it all came together. My vision was masks, but not the traditional masks, not be worn but to be displayed and expanded upon. Can I pick your brain about how I could have 5th graders make some art similar to your mixed media art above?

    • Hi Dania, Fantastic! I’m so happy to hear from you. I suggest you get some paper mask forms from Dick Blick (inexpensive) along with a collection of all kinds embellishments including paints, markers etc. I actually have a blog from another site on this topic: http://kartikadamon.hubpages.com/hub/Mask-Making-Step-by-Step that you may find very useful!

      Also, if you can make papermache and have them make their own forms to start with, that could work too, but I have no experience with that. This is such a great project for kids! Hope you find this helpful and thanks for visiting by blog. Let me know how it works out! Best, Kartika

      • Dania Santiago

        Great, thank you very much for your input. I have one more question, should they attach the masks to canvas, masonite board or cardboard? Which did you use?

  2. I used Masonite, but you can use any of the other options as well!

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