Amma is a Non-Denominational Spiritual Leader

Amma has Hugged Millions Worldwide

Amma is for Everyone – Her only Religion is Love

“Lending a helping hand to a neglected soul, feeding the hungry, a compassionate smile towards the sad and dejected—this is the real language of religion. We should invoke God’s compassion in our own hearts and hands. Living only for oneself is not life, but death.” – Amma

Amma is a non-denominational spiritual leader. Buddhist monks, Catholic priests and nuns, Muslims, Jews and people from numerous religious traditions go to receive Amma’s blessings of unconditional love. Amma has frequently said that her only religion is love. While Amma, well respected in religious circles, was named one of three presidents of Hinduism by the 1993 Parliament of World’s Religions in Chicago, Illinois, she still acknowledges,

“The basic, underlying principle of all religions is one and the same Truth. Different religions are suited to different people for their spiritual development, and therefore no one religion is superior to any other.” She has also emphasized, “We are all God’s children.”

In 2002, Dr. Jane Goodall presented Amma with the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence, given in recognition of her lifelong work in furthering the principles of non-violence. During the same event, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, She gave the keynote address at the Global Peace Initiative of Women and Religious Leaders.

I’ve been attending Amma’s public programs in the United States every year since 1990.

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