The Soulful Art Journal

"Earth" from My Art Journal

“Earth” from My Art Journal

I hope you will take a peek at my new blog, The Soulful Art Journal. For a number of years, creating art journals has been one of my favorite forms of self-expression. It has been an outlet for the creativity I didn’t realize was waiting to be born. Working in a journal is really play, but it is also serious work. Art seems to be the junction point between work and play where the two can join in a satisfying and joyful mix.

Mixed media helps me to express myself in so many ways that surprise me. Today, there are so many wonderful artists who have been creating personal art journals or who simply enjoy looking at them. They feed my inspiration and their creative spirits help to keep me focused on my creative work.

I’ve been inspired to begin a workshop, The Soulful Art Journal, for women. I plan to post entries of my journal, entries about the process of creating my workshop. If you are about to embark on this kind of adventure yourself, I hope this blog has something to offer you in the way of ideas and inspiration.

I’d love to share the art journal pages of other journal enthusiasts on my blog. Also, I would love your feedback.

Love and peace,



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4 responses to “The Soulful Art Journal

  1. I’d love to check out your new blog, but there is no link. 🙂

  2. It’s lovely, Kartika 😀

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