Today’s Art Journal Post: The Gatekeeper and Bird on a Teapot

The Soulful Art Journal


I call this art journal page “The Gatekeeper.” Over the years I’ve become fascinated with the idea of the stages of the hero’s journey as described in the numerous works of Joseph Campbell and other teachers such as, Caroline Myss, Clarrisa Pinkola Estes, and many others who draw insight and inspiration from the wisdom of mythology.

I’ve come to believe that Campbell’s description of the hero’s journey is applicable to  both women and men and offers insight into the passages we move through toward self-realization or discovering our life’s purpose.  In the Hero with a Thousand Faces, these phases are separation, initiation, and return.

Once we accept the call to fulfill our highest potential, we enter a world of danger as well as the promise of initiation into higher knowledge.  But there is always a Gatekeeper, often a terrifying demon or shape shifter who tests the mettle of the…

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