Soulful Divination Cards: Workshop for Women

The Soulful Art Journal

Next month, several women in  my The Soulful Art Journal  Workshop will be taking my workshop – Soulful Divination Cards: A Workshop for Women. I was inspired by the work of  Seena Frost, who created and teaches a method called, Soul Collage, to begin this journeyI began creating my own one-of-a-kind cards inspired by inquiry into my personal archetypes and energies that I wanted to explore. I wanted my cards to be art pieces, but more importantly, part of my process of self-discovery. I also wanted to explore using them for readings and divination. I’m looking forward to sharing my approach to this process with other women in my workshop starting next month. It will be exciting to see what we all come up with and where this process takes us.

The card at the top is called “My Voice.” It represents the importance of self expression and…

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